Nearing the Third Trimester… A Second Trimester Update

second trimester update blogHello friends!

Sigh. All I want to do is take a moment to slow my roll and give a quick second trimester update. Yes, you read that right, a second trimester update. That means I’m SO close to my third trimester. Like, in 5 days my third trimester will officially be starting. Depending on which source you’re referring to, I may already be in my third trimester, but most seem to say that 28ish weeks is where it’s at.

I can’t even begin to describe how fast this baby has been growing. I feel like yesterday I was just getting into my second trimester, and getting more comfortable with the idea of having a viable pregnancy. I know that seems morbid, but I’m a paranoid pessimist at heart, and I couldn’t honestly and truly believe that this baby would make it this far so early.

Ahhh, the sweet beginnings…

The first month or so of my second trimester was lovely. I was convinced that the rest of it would be smooth sailing, but boy, was I sadly mistaken. I went from first trimester tired (remember those days?!) to energetic and feeling great! for about a week. Slowly but surely, I started having some of those pesky second trimester symptoms. No, it didn’t start off as bad as the first few months. I can actually get out of bed now. But I quickly realized that everything I ate would make me want to vomit acid. Spanish rice? Si, senorita. Smoothie? Yes. Super healthy salad with grilled chicken? Well, yep! Anything and everything has been making my chest burn with the mighty flames of hell. Apple cider vinegar and tums have been helping, but we all know we can’t live off of those things for sustenance, as we would like to.

What’s next?

As I’m in my 27th week of pregnancy, my mind is swirling with the promises of a healthy baby boy in a few short months. All I want to do is buy for baby and get things together. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of a move to another state, and my thoughts are centered around switching over addresses and insurance coverage, instead of what the theme of the crib will be.

I can only hope with everything I have that this little boy will continue to grow and get stronger. Yes, sometimes I wish that this pregnancy was over because lord knows I need a good night’s rest. But, I’ll stick it out as long as this baby will. These sleepless nights are good preparation for what’s to come, and I’m sure there is some silver lining for the swelling in my feet. Somewhere, anywhere.

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Take care everyone <3


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